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    About Us

    Let's introduce ourselves:

    Here at Untitled Bamboo, our goal is to help reduce single use plastic waste without compromising function. In fact, we're confident that our bamboo alternatives are even better than their single use plastic counterparts and they look much better too! 

    We're based in North Wales in the UK, and our founder has 5 years of experience working with a leading sustainable brand, so you can rest assured that you'll get quality advice and customer service. 

    We're always innovating and adding to our range, but right now, we've got everything from bamboo straws and cutlery to our exciting new Ultrasonic Electric Bamboo Toothbrush - the flagship of our range.

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    So why bamboo? 

    Well, bamboo is actually a grass and is the fastest growing plant in the world. This means that although it's cut down to make our products, it's really quick to regenerate. It's the perfect alternative to single use plastic in many cases due to its strength, and ability to hold water. Bamboo can be grown really easily across many different climates and is particularly hardy. You may even find some at your local garden centre.

    But what about the pandas?

    Don't worry! We're not taking bamboo away from pandas, and only take our supplies from FSC certified sustainable forests.

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